THIS Cost A 13-Year-Old Girl Her Life

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Residents of Kissimmee, Florida are experiencing tragedy after a 13-year-old girl lost her life to circumstances that should never have come to pass. 

Mariana Perez Borroto was riding her bicycle to school when she was fatally struck by a minivan, that was being driven by an unlicensed illegal alien. 

Polk County Sheriff’s Office has revealed that Micaela Coronel lied when she told deputies on scene that she was from Argentine on a visitor’s pass. After contacting ICE the local officers found that Coronel had overstayed a work visa and was illegally residing in the United States.

If that wan’t enough they also discovered that Coronel doesn’t have a valid driver’s license. 

Sheriff Grady Judd pointed out how such a case should never have taken place in a PCSO press release. 

“This suspect should not have even been behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is an awful, senseless tragedy that should never have occurred. This beautiful child should be turning 14 years old in just two weeks, but for this suspect’s illegal actions. Mariana’s family and friends are in our prayers,” Judd said.  

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