This Republican Just One-Upped Captain America

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It’s not everyday that you get a chance to outdo the hero known as Captain America. However Rep. Dan Crenshaw managed to snag that honor during a meeting with the actor who portrays him, Chris Evans. 

A meeting of bipartisan lawmakers welcomed Evans who came to discuss issues like education, criminal justice reform and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This is ahead of the actor “working on a civics engagement project” according to his spokesperson.

On the other hand, Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL and fought in Afghanistan where he tragically lost an eye. However he remains incredibly upbeat as evidenced when he showed off his very own “Captain America” glass eye to Evans. 

It was an amazing moment that even the actor had to give credit to in his own tweet. 

There has yet to be any word as to whether or not Nick Fury is feeling eye envy.

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