This Study Even Got The NSSF Nod Of Approval

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Even the National Shooting Sports Foundation were pleased with a study that concluded no relation between relaxed statutes and violent crime growth.

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The findings were presented at the 2018 Clinical Congress by researchers of Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Mayo Clinic.

Lead author Dr. Mark Hamill said that, “We found no relationship between the type of concealed carry process or the general permissiveness of the process and increased rates of homicide or other violent crime.”

“There has been a trend in all states over the past 30 years toward less restrictive concealed carry,” Hamill elaborated. “Every state and the District of Columbia now has some legislation in place to allow for some form of civilian concealed carry. Changes to concealed carry legislation likely won’t reduce firearm violence.”

NSSF’s general counsel, Larry Keane, said that “the dataset used was complete, with no missing variables.” He also added that “the methodology is sound and rigorous, essentially using each state as its own control, rather than testing different states against each other, which removes state-to-state variations.”

Hamill may have been inspired to lead the study as a member of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, but was more likely influenced by his past as a former Brooklyn police officer. 

“I saw that it’s not the people who legally own firearms who are the problem. It’s the people who use firearms for nefarious purposes that are the problem. So how do we keep the guns out of those hands?” Hamill said. “We need to pursue people who fail background checks. We need to pursue straw purchases, where someone intentionally purchases a gun for someone who is disqualified. These laws aren’t consistently enforced.”

Hamill continued saying that physicians “shouldn’t accept lower-quality evidence to make policy decisions than we would to take care of our own patients.”

Keane agreed with Hamill and hoped that more people would learn to feel the same way. “Let’s hope that other researchers follow suit with more research that uses sound methodology to examine data without the bias and deliberate inaccuracies embedded in so much of the research published in recent years.” he said.

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