Trouble Brewing Over ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws

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Colorado is becoming a battleground for gun rights after the state attorney general declared that country sheriffs unwilling to enforce newly proposed anti-gun “red-flag” bill should “resign.”

The situation is already fairly tense as division on the topic has led to some state officials and local leaders to develop Second Amendment “sanctuary counties” that will resist the prohibitive legislation.

The legislation in question, House Bill 1177, would allow Colorado courts to seize weapons from civilians deemed to be a threat to themselves or to others. Especially in domestic violence situations. 

Democrat Phil Weiser is the one supporting the bill and is also responsible for calling for law enforcement officers who oppose the bill to step down. 

“If a sheriff cannot follow the law, the sheriff cannot do his or her job,” Weiser said. “The right thing to do for a sheriff who says, ‘I can’t follow the law’ is to resign.”

In response, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams spoke with Fox News to protest the bill, saying he and other officers would “follow our constitutional oath,” before infringing the 2nd Amendment.

“If you pass an unconstitutional law, our oaths as commissioners or myself as the sheriff — we’re going to follow our constitutional oath first,” Reams declared. “And we’ll do that balancing act on our own.”

A battle between state politicians and local law enforcement may be close at hand, depending on what Colorado Governor Jared Polis decides to do with the controversial bill. 

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