Trump Tackles Immigration Issue

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President Donald Trump has just shared details of how he intends to reform immigration policy. 

The immigration proposal is a joint effort from Trump’s senior advisers Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller and economic aide Kevin Hassett. 

It understandably calls for increased border security, but more importantly calls for a higher scrutiny of immigration applicants and encourages a system that operates on the applicants merits. 

Immigrants seeking to live in the United States would need to speak English, have a proper education and preferably job offers prior to being accepted. 

The plan would allow a steady flow of 1.1 million migrants to enter the U.S. each year, but now family-based immigration should only take up a third of that number. Much like the immigration policies in Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, the majority of immigrants would now be people who had valuable skills and could contribute to the country. 

The plan may not survive going through Congress, however Republicans should find it easy to rally behind bringing the party back together. 

“Our goal in the short term is to make sure that we are laying out what the president’s policy is in terms of what he’s looking for from immigration reform, and we would like to see if we could get the Republican Party to come together on these two pillars, which we think is a very, very logical, very mainstream point of view,” said one official.

Trump is expected to release a “very large document” on the proposal in the coming weeks. 

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