Try Not To Laugh At What NM Tried To Do To Its Sheriffs

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Sheriffs from New Mexico where in for a bit of a surprise after arriving in Santa Fe to meet with lawmakers and the state’s governor.

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Reaching the state legislature the law enforcement officers were told that they could not enter… because they were armed.

Excuse me? It seems that at any political event the one group of people you DO want armed would be the local sheriffs. 

“We were allowed to go into the Roundhouse but we weren’t allowed to go down onto the floor. We were directed to go to another room and watch what was going on from a TV,” said Tony Mace, sheriff for Cibola County. “That has never happened to us before, and that’s a direct violation to the constitution of New Mexico. Not only that, the Constitution of the United States, and that’s just — as law enforcement officers, as peace officers, we carry weapons. That’s just what we do.”

A collection of the sheriffs present gathered together to share with KRQE-TV how insulting the experience was.

“It only makes sense that if something is to happen, wouldn’t you want sheriffs, your police chiefs, armed and ready to take action on this?” one sheriff posed.

A spokesperson for Legislative Council Services replied to the incident saying that in December the council had voted to ban all weapons from the House gallery. It’s only exceptions for state police and the sergeant-at-arms.

However it wasn’t long before the outcry of the sheriffs coupled with like-minded representatives forced the legislature to clarify that as law enforcement officers, indeed the sheriffs could carry weapons within the state capital. 

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