What Ex-Cop Did Will Disgust You

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Justice was declared this week when corrupt ex-cop got sentenced to 18 months of jail for a gun licensing scheme.

A former lieutenant of the New York Police Department, Paul Dean was at one time the second-in-command of the NYPD License Division. This gave him access to the state’s exceptionally difficult to obtain gun licenses, a power he proceeded to abuse for personal gain.

“As a high-ranking officer and supervisor in the NYPD’s License Division, Paul Dean was entrusted with ensuring the integrity of the process for issuing gun licenses in New York City,” Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman shared. “Instead of embracing that trust and focusing on the safety of New Yorkers, he monetized it for his own benefit and enabled officers under his command to do the same. Together with our partners in law enforcement, my office has worked tirelessly to make sure those efforts by Dean and others involved ended not with dollar signs, but in prison cells.” 

Dean confessed that in the three years before he retired in 2016, he and those under his influence requested and accepted bribes to ignore standard process for certain individuals seeking a permit.

Dean fingered fellow officers David Villanueva, Robert Espinel, and Richard Ochetal as well as identifying the “expediters” Alex Lichtenstein, Frank Soohoo, and Gaetano Valastro.

Lichentenstein has been sentenced to 32 months in prison, while the 5 others implicated have all made plea deals and await sentencing.

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