What the St Louis Riots Mean for Gun Owners Nationwide

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There’s one thing that many gun owners fail to plan for.

Yes, gun owners go through all the rigors of training with their weapons so they know how to react at a moment’s notice.

They work hard to elect pro-gun officials into office who will help protect their second amendment rights, and they toil tirelessly to combat the negative image cast upon gun-owners by leftists and the media.

They do a heck-of-a-lot to make sure that they are able to hold onto their guns, since the constitution says they can.

But, what most gun-owners don’t have is an entire plan their family can follow if the crap hits the fan.

Take a look at the situation in St. Louis.

The citizens have grown extremely tense since 18-year-old Michael Ferguson was shot by police. And St. Louis is just a snapshot of what the United States is going to look like when either the economy collapses, or when we’re hit with some other kind of major disaster.

If you see pictures, it looks like a war-zone in some places.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, so this isn’t about pointing fingers. No one knows for sure whether Brown was in the wrong when he was on the receiving end of multiple gun shots from St. Louis police.

What can be said for certain though is the town of Ferguson, along with other local municipalities, have begun a quick decent into total chaos.

Armed police are storming the streets, firing both tear gas as well as rubber bullets into crowds.

Violent protestors have been running afoul of the law for several days, and are putting innocent civilians in the line of fire repeatedly as they continue to loot and pillage without any signs of slowing down.

And even worse, families are sitting in their homes, cowering in fear, unsure if either the police or violent criminals are going to bust down the doors.

Make no mistake, owning a gun is the first line of defense in situations like this.

But the real question gun-owners should be asking themselves after everything’s gone down the tubes…

What are you going to do next?

Do you have a 2-day, 2-week, 2-month plan?

Don’t get caught unprepared for these kinds of situations.

What’s happening in St. Louis are just the tremors before the “big quake.”

Do yourself a favor and help both you and your family prepare for potential disaster by creating a plan. Do it before it’s too late.

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