Why the Wall HAS To Be Built NOW

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This needs to be talked about as soon as possible…

New analysis projects that nearly 740,000 illegals are expected to be released into the United States this year!

Analyst Steve Kopits expects about 309,000 minors and 226,000 adult illegals to be released into the U.S. by Department of Homeland Security officials by the end of this year. Additionally, around 202,000 adult illegals are expected to enter the U.S. interior, undetected.

This projection indicates that far more than half a million foreign minors, adult border crossers, those claiming asylum, and illegal aliens are set to be released into the interior of the country.

“The bigger [border crossing] numbers … came with the signing of the omnibus spending bill (the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019) in mid-February, which essentially prohibited the deportation of any adult from the Northern Triangle countries traveling with a minor and claiming asylum,” Kopits wrote.

The spending bill bans federal immigration officials from deporting any illegal alien who has contact with an unaccompanied minor that has been resettled in the U.S. after crossing the southern border.

Illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border has soared to record levels not seen since President Bill Clinton. Last month, alone, more than 132,000 border apprehensions were made, and DHS officials have previously admitted that all adult border crossers arriving with children are being released into the interior of the country. Within weeks, these released border crossers receive work permits to take U.S. jobs.

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