WWII Vet Fought With Longbow and Broadsword

Many weapons have become iconic representations of World War II. The famous Colt 1911 handgun gained legendary status during the war, while rifles such as the M1 Garand and M1A1 Carbine are forever linked to American soldiers during that conflict.

You wouldn’t expect a bow and arrow or steel broadsword to be included on that list — but one World War II veteran carried those “outdated” weapons into nearly every battle he faced.

Lt. Colonel Jack Churchill was a British Army officer who seemed to be stuck in the wrong century of history. When the second world war broke out, the adventure-seeking Churchill found himself in France, leading a group of men against German forces. Other soldiers carried modern arms, but “Mad Jack” had other plans.

“He and his section were in a tower and as the Germans approached he said, ‘I will shoot that first German with an arrow,’” Churchill’s son Malcolm recounted to the Daily Mail.

Jack did exactly that. He drew back his longbow and waited for the leader of the opposing troops to come into range. As soon as the German soldier was close enough, Churchill released an arrow with a sharp barbed tip, killing the enemy sergeant and signaling the hidden British soldiers to open fire.

A longbow may not seem like a smart choice for a war being fought with bombs and bullets, but Churchill’s favorite weapon was not as insane as it sounds. “The weapon was silent, accurate to 200 yards and lethal,” the Telegraph explained.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/wwii-veteran-longbow-broadsword/

  • generalJed

    Crossbows are even better. After a lot of practice, I could hit a 12 cubed box every time at 300 yards. Eventually, I was chased out of the city park (i only went there during the early morning hours) and had to take up firearms, instead

    • Russell Lissuzzo

      You’re right but too noisy. Gives away your position just like a rifle if not “silenced”.